• Parents are requested to inform the school in writing if there is any change in their co-ordinates.
  • A scholar should restrict the birthday celebrations only to toffees for distribution to his / her section and home clothes. No gifts are acceptable in our school for anybody on such occasions.
  • Write to the level Mentor about the problems of their wards or for seeking guidance. The letter will be replied after discussion with appropriate authorities. In case of parents wanting discussion with more than one Mentor, a meeting will be arranged with concerned Mentors.
  • Encourage their wards to take interest in the activities of the school in every sphere.
  • Excessive spending should be discouraged and to refrain from giving any money to their wards unless asked for by the school authorities for any specific purpose.
  • Avoid giving valuable articles to their wards to bring to the School. In case of violation of this, the School will confiscate the article.
  • The School bears no responsibility for the articles lost in school. In case of a loss, however, a letter giving details of the lost article / (s) may be sent to the Sub-level Mentor.
  • Encourage children to prepare various subject Projects themselves and not purchase it nor get it prepared by professionals.
  • Avoid giving tuck (namkeen/chips/chocolates etc.) to their children for consumption in school.