School Rules

  • Parents/Guardians are bound by the school rules in all respects. In all matters of dispute, the decision of the Principal is final.
  • In accordance with the rules of the school, the parents/guardians are expected to allow and encourage their wards to participate in compulsory activities like tours, trekking, expeditions & camping etc. during their stay in the school.
  • The parents/guardians will authorize the Principal and the staff to act as local parents of their wards while they are in the school or on tours, treks, expeditions & camps etc.
  • The parents/guardians will authorize the Principal to take necessary action on their behalf in case of any emergency operation or any other such condition where their permission is needed but cannot be sought in time.
  • The parents/guardians will agree that in the event of their child/children being withdrawn during the term of the year, whatever the reason, the full fees laid down by the school for the whole year will be paid by them. • The Principal is fully empowered to expel a student from school if in his opinion the student has failed to follow the discipline of the school and his continued presence is detrimental to the school and/or the student fails to come up to the academic standard of his class and when detention in the same class would make the student too big for his class.
  • All parents will sign an agreement and a statement of undertaking with the school at the time when their son/ward joins the school.
  • Attendance and Leave Every student is expected to be regular in attendance. 85 % attendance of the school days is required for promotion besides the academic requirements. Parents/guardians are requested not to ask for leave of their wards during the session accept an extremely compassionate ground because the absence of students from the school hampers their progress in studies and the cultivation of good habits. So, a student is not allowed to be absent from the school except on the following grounds.
  1. Serious illness or death of a very near relative.
  2. Marriage of their own brother/sister or nearest relative.
  3. Religious ceremony at which his presence is very necessary.

A prior application in written for leave from parents/guardians is necessary. Application for leave may not be considered in case of unsatisfactory performance of the student and if the exams are to be held during the period. The principal's decision will be final and mandatory here. A maximum of 3 days leave including journey period can be granted. Absence without sufficient reasons beyond the sanctioned period of leave may compel the authorities to impose a fine varying from Rs. 20 to 50 per day. Absence on the reopening day after vacation is considered to be a breach of discipline. In case of serious illness of the child, parent/guardian must inform the school before the opening day failing which they will have to pay the above penalty. Absence without information more than 15 days after a vacation renders the students liable to dismissal.

School Uniform Wearing of approved school uniform at the school is compulsory for students. Students are not allowed to stay at the school without proper uniform. They may be sent home after warning. Students must wear neat and clean uniform and properly polished shoes. The school office can be contacted for the details.